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Operational Adjustments

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Where it’s safe, census field staff are resuming delivery of census questionnaires, interviewing households in remote parts of Alaska, and resuming the fingerprinting and hiring process for new staff.

  • In select areas, the Census Bureau is resuming the Update Leave operation.  This operation is done in all of Puerto Rico and in stateside areas where the majority of households do not receive mail at their home. Census field staff canvass the area for places people might live, compare what they see to our address list, use a laptop to verify, correct, delete, or add addresses, and leave a census invitation and questionnaire at the front door.
  • Census takers are resuming interviewing households in Alaska’s vast, sparsely settled areas.
  • In states where we have resumed the Update Leave operation, Census Bureau staff are also resuming fingerprinting for new hires to keep applicants moving through the hiring process.

2020 Census operations are resuming in areas of the country that meet Census Bureau criteria based on Federal, State, and local guidelines. A regularly updated list of locations is available on our website:

The Census Bureau plans to alert the public, our staff, elected officials, local law enforcement, key stakeholders, and local media every Friday about where census staff will resume working the following week. We will update the running list of locations on our website:

The Census Bureau is consulting with local officials on resuming fingerprinting to keep applicants moving through the hiring process. More information is available at

On a weekly basis, the Census Bureau will determine which offices can begin operations again and will keep the public informed on our website:  If conditions change after the resumption of operations, the Census Bureau may stop work in some areas in order to protect the health and safety of our employees and the public.

Census Bureau leadership are deciding where to resume operations based on Federal, State, and local public health guidelines, local conditions, and input from local leaders. Career Census Bureau operational leaders are assessing the operating status of a state, locality or tribal area and the ability of the Census Bureau staff to safely resume operations in that area. 

Other 2020 Census operations will resume or begin as conditions allow. The Census Bureau continues to monitor the changing conditions at the state and local level and evaluate when other operations can begin on a phased approach. The Census Bureau will continue to update our website:

The U.S. Census Bureau has consulted with Federal, State, and local health officials and the Opening Up America Again guidelines and determined that it is safe to resume 2020 Census operations on a phased approach in some areas of the country. Following a thorough review, Census Bureau operational leadership has assessed it’s safe for our employees and the public to restart operations in the select areas. Employees are being trained and equipped to help keep everyone safe while fulfilling our Constitutional mandate to count the U.S. population.

As 2020 Census operations resume, the Census Bureau is incorporating the most current Federal, State, and local guidance to promote the health and safety of the public and our employees. The Census Bureau is providing face masks and gloves for employees to wear consistent with Federal, State, and local guidance, along with hand sanitizer. Field staff will complete a virtual COVID-19 training to ensure they follow appropriate social distancing protocols and all appropriate health and safety guidance.