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Total Response Rates by State

Check out what percentage of households in your state were counted by census takers, as well as total response rates from across the country.


Keep track of how many households in your state were enumerated—both on their own through self response and by census takers through a process known as Nonresponse Followup—by using this table.



2020 Census Housing Unit Enumeration Progress by State

View daily Nonresponse Followup rates here, as well as the total response rates in each state.

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Notes: Percentages may not sum due to rounding. A limited number of areas were part of the NRFU “soft launch” beginning July 16 and could have higher completion rates due to more time in the field. Percentages for the U.S. Total do not include housing units in Puerto Rico.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Of the housing units in your state, this is the percentage enumerated either through self-­response or as part of our field data collection operations. 

  • Percentage of housing units self-responded: The percentage of self­responding housing units reported in the response rate map
  • Percentage of housing units enumerated in NRFU: The percentage of total housing units resolved in the field during the Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) Operation (excludes self-response). Cases completed in the field for Update Enumerate and Remote Alaska Operations are included in this rate to ensure coverage of the full housing unit universe. This rate does not reflect the progress within the NRFU operation as it is relative to total housing units and not just the NRFU workload.
  • Percentage of housing units enumerated: The cumulative percentage of total housing units enumerated via self-response or during the NRFU Operation as of 11:59 p.m. of the previous day. This rate will always increase. 

Yes. See the response rate map

The U.S. Census Bureau has not historically produced a table that shows this information by state during data collection operations.

The Operational Assessments for the 2010 Census are the most complete source of operational data from the various 2010 Census operations. You can find them here.

All housing units in the United States or state. For Puerto Rico, all housing units in Puerto Rico.