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For Immediate Release: Monday, January 23, 2023

2020 Census Count Question Resolution Operation Errata Tables Released

Press Release Number CB23-CN.01

JAN. 23, 2023 — The U.S. Census Bureau today released the first errata tables for the 2020 Census Count Question Resolution (CQR) operation. The purpose of the 2020 Census CQR is to provide a mechanism for governmental units to request a review of their official 2020 Census results and to help ensure that housing and population counts are correctly allocated to 2020 census tabulation blocks in the 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.As done after the 2010 Census, releasing errata tables is a standard step in the post decennial CQR process. 

This first round of tables includes Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington and Wisconsin. Tables will be released as they become available through the end of the CQR operation later this year. All data, geography, and technical documentation notes and errata have been previously provided to the affected government. 

Revisions, or errata, from 2020 CQR case corrections will be available from the CQR website as cases are processed. The revised counts are integrated into all population estimates released after the case is closed. The American Community Survey (ACS) uses population totals from the Population Estimates Program at the incorporated place, minor civil division, and county level to adjust the population totals published by the survey. Thus, to the extent that population estimates incorporate the 2020 CQR results, the ACS will also reflect those revisions. The Census Bureau will not incorporate CQR revisions into the 2020 Census data summary files and tables or retabulate any of the other 2020 Census data products.

More information about the CQR operation is available on the 2020 Census Count Question Resolution Operation webpage. CQR errata tables with original and corrected housing and population counts are available on the 2020 Decennial Census Notes and Errata webpage.

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